2020 Global Korea Scholarship|GKS

2020 Global Korea Scholarship|GKS. Korea has invited 125 international students from 68 countries to pursue a bachelor’s degree at a Korean university. The announcement of the Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) 2020 for undergraduate degrees is available on the official website.

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The details of Global Korea KGSP scholarship 2020 in the following order

  1. undergraduate degree Embassy Track. 
  2. Associate Degree
  3. Engineering and Nature Science majors

The Scholarship period

If you get the chance or Scholarship, you have to reach Korea before March. The course will be started on the 1st march, finish on 28th February and 2025. That means you have to enroll for 5 years.   During The Scholarship period, you will learn the Korean language for 1-year. Then you will spend 4-year to pursue the Degree Program. If you want to know more, you can read the article of 2020 Global Korea Scholarship|GKS fully.

The Scholarship benefits

You will get Airplane Ticket or Airfare. But it only covers an economy class flight.  At the beginning of the scholarship program, you will get a one-way ticket to Korea. After completing your studies under the scholarship program, you will get another one-way ticket from Korea.

In addition, if you will be the scholarship, you will get Monthly Stipend.  The value of the Monthly Stipend is 900,000 KRW. In fact, NIIED and the host university cover your university entrance fee and the tuition fee is covered by. Also, you enjoy the settlement Allowance of 200,000 KRW and other Scholarship benefits.

The aim of the Scholarship

Mainly, the Scholarship is offered to all the students around the world. Also, they will provide them with chances to study at higher educational institutions in Korea. This is only for graduate-level degrees. However, this opportunity will enhance international education exchange. And it will make deeper mutual friendship between Korea and participating countries. This is the aim of the Scholarship.

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