BUILD A CAREER IN FREELANCING. Freelancing is working through the internet to make money.  Most important thing is that you don’t have to maintain office time, you can work when you want to work from your comfort zone. Most interesting thing is that you  talk about  fees  with the client before the work starts. And your fee is deposited in the marketplace.  When you are done, the client pays you.  

What can you do in freelancing?

You can do everything  online  in Freelancing.  Starting from Data Entry, 3D Animation you can also do.  However, you can’t do everything at the beginning stages. You need to work and be skilled. Then you can do all things step by step. 

 But what they do in Bangladesh is: 

  • Graphic Design
  •  Web design and development
  •  SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  •  Marketing
  •  Article Writing
  •  Apps development
  •  Video Editing
  •  2D / 3D Animation and etc

To start CAREER in freelancing you must have to know some important points. Otherwise, you can’t move in the marketplace.

First of all, you have to become a small expert on the subject that you want to do freelancing.  If you are proficient in a few things. You will get more work as a freelancer.  Most of the clients here are non-Bengali.  So in order to communicate with them, you have to learn English very well.  Moreover, you have to gain experience by doing different things.  Remember, if you are more experienced, the more likely you are to get a job.

Which job is easier?  Which work would be better to do and can be earned quickly?

If you ask me, I will say  the work you do is easy. Because it is easy for you.  But you may not find it easy or good.  No one else can tell you what skills or interests you need.  So, know all the work beforehand and decide for yourself which one to work with. For this you need to use Google and Youtube.  There is nothing you can’t find in these two places.

Marketplace: Believe me you take the marketplace as  a raw market or a wholesale market.  You know, It is a completely online marketplace through which clients find freelancers.  The whole thing happens in the marketplace through a well-organized process.

How  you can receive your earned money?

After working $ will be credited to your Marketplace Account and there are several ways to withdraw them.PayPal does not support Bangladesh.  However  We can withdraw money from Marketplace to Payoneer and from Payoneer to Bank or directly from the booth through Payoneer Card.

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