Japanese Grant Aid for Bangladeshi 2020

Japanese Grant Aid for Bangladeshi 2020

Japanese Grant Aid for Bangladeshi 2020. Japanese Grant Aid (JDS) is mainly established to support the human resource development of the Japanese grant aid recipient countries. 2-year Master’s courses at Japanese Universities in English are offered by JDS Project.

However, this project encourages young officials (mainly government) to complete the 2-year Master’s courses at Japanese Universities in English so that they become more capable of engaging in implementing social and economic development plans as a future leader. In fact, they want to add to the improved mutual relations between their countries and Japan. To know more about it read the post of Japanese Aid for Bangladeshi 2020.

How to Apply from Bangladesh

Japanese Grant Aid for Bangladeshi

Japanese Aid for Bangladeshi 2020.JDS Fellows will learn the expert facts for policy making and institutional building for the country’s development as well as systems in the world-leading technological country. Also, they will get a wider human network.


Yamaguchi University, Yokohama National University, and Hiroshima University  5 pm on 10 October (Thurs.) 2019

Keio University: 5pm on 31 October (Thurs.) 2019

If you are interested in it, you have to take the English proficiency test (IELTS) as well as a math test in Dhaka on 19 October 2019. One important thing is needed to remember that Keio University are exempted from the Math test.

  • IELTS : Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Speaking test
  • Math test : Arithmetic operations, Solving fractions, Equations, Inequality, Matrix, Basic quadratic functions, Basic operations of exponential and logarithmic functions, Basic Integral and Differentiation.

How to Apply from Bangladesh

You will be evaluated on your academic abilities enough to pursue the master’s degree program in Japan and potential leadership ability. However, you need to know that the curriculums of the university and fields of specialization of faculty members are relevant to your research. Hopefully, you find “Japanese Grant Aid for Bangladeshi 2020” useful. Thanks for reading.

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